Who is Graham Norton Husband (2023) Jonathan McLeod Partner? Is Married And Wedding?


Who is Graham Norton Husband Jonathan McLeod:- Graham Norton is a notable name in media outlets, referred to for his mind and humor as a television host and comic. While he has been in the public eye for more than twenty years, Norton has forever been exceptionally confidential about his own life.

Nonetheless, reports have circled for quite a long time about his relationship status, with many contemplating whether he is hitched and who his accomplice is. In this article, we’ll dive into the subtleties of Norton’s own life and respond to probably the most ordinarily posed inquiries about his better half, Jonathan McLeod, their relationship, and their wedding.

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Who is Graham Norton Spouse Jonathan McLeod?

Who is Graham Norton Husband is a well known television host and jokester who has been in media outlets for more than twenty years. His better half’s name is Jonathan McLeod, and they have been together starting around 2010.

As per reports, Jonathan McLeod is a finance manager from Scotland who works in the tech business. He is depicted as a confidential individual who likes to avoid the spotlight. Norton has been exceptionally confidential about his relationship with McLeod, and he seldom discusses their own life openly.

Graham Norton Accomplice

Norton and McLeod initially met in 2009 when they were presented by common companions. They hit it off right away and begun dating soon after. They have been together from that point onward and are as yet pushing ahead.

Norton has spoken about his relationship with McLeod in interviews, saying that he feels fortunate to have found somebody who acknowledges him for what his identity is. Norton has additionally kidded that McLeod is the “genuine star” in their relationship, as he is considerably more effective than Norton himself.

Is Graham Norton Wedded?

Indeed, Who is Graham Norton Husband to Jonathan McLeod. They got hitched in a confidential service in 2013, and the occasion was gone to by dear loved ones. Norton has forever been extremely confidential about his own life, so it’s not shocking that he decided to stay quiet about his wedding.

Graham Norton Wedding

Norton and McLeod got hitched in a little function in 2013 in the town of Bantry, Ireland. The service was held in a congregation, and the gathering was held at a close by lodging.

As per reports, the wedding was a calm undertaking, and the couple welcomed no big names or high-profile visitors. Norton has said in interviews that he needed to keep his wedding hidden on the grounds that he didn’t believe it should turn into a media bazaar.



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