Pete's Basement Season 12, Episode 12 - 4.2.19

Batman's premiere issue hits its 1000th issue milestone this week, and the Basement Crew are here with a review of this 96-page monster issue! Also this week, the fight against cancer earns some new ballsy champions in the pages of Ballsy Heroes, the awesome 80s-inspired Indie book from Big Ballsy Comics! To say the Boys loved it would be like saying He-Man works out now and then. Believe us - you don't wanna' miss this review! The comic and movie reviews don't stop there! Hit the play button and come take a ride!

Pete's Basement Season 12, Episode 7 - 2.26.19

Pete and Ramon hit the roundtable! They're talkin' Wolverine, the Hulk, Hulkverines, Hulk Hogan, Stephen King movies, zombie deer, and much, much more! Another Comixology exclusive! Cliche dialogue! The average size of the average moose! All sorts of things that you're gonna' wanna' be unsober for, so grab whatever you're drinkin', and hit that play button!


Pete and Ramon take a solemn moment as they celebrate the life of Stan Lee. Join the boys as they discuss his contributions to the comics world, and also his impact on their own personal lives since the day they picked up their very first comics. Stanley Martin Lieber, known to the world as Stan "The Man" Lee. Our Generalissimo. The Godfather of Comics. The man who, unbeknownst to him at the time, would go on to shape the imaginations, and inspire the lives, of literally millions of people. This episode is dedicated to him.

80 Million Digital Comics Downloaded from Comixology in 10 Months

Comixology in logo form

Comicxology, the digital comic book marketplace, has been serving up an average of 8 million comics a month for the last 10 months, according to The Motley Fool. That's impressive in that it brings it into the realm of print sales, and that it took three years to reach its first 100 million downloads.

In the article, the author basically begs Comixology to go public. Comixology plays it coy and just giggles a little, lifting it's proverbial skirt to a curtsey. It doesn't look like you'll see CMXLGY listed for sale any time soon, but look on the bright side, you can still buy FB for less than $50 a share...

Via The Motley Fool Read more »

Marvel Unlimited and How You Will Read Comic Books Tomorrow

Marvel Unlimited Subscription Service

Marvel recently announced the arrival of its long-rumored 'comic streaming' service: Marvel Unlimited, where for $9.99 a month and $59.98 per year (which Marvel claims is a 50% discount), anyone who signs up at for online access to over 70 years worth of Marvel Comics, with the ability to download and store up to 6 at a time for offline reading. It works through your web browser if you're on a traditional computer, with apps for iOS and (coming soon!) Android. Read more »

Comic Books on the iPad, the Panelfly Way

The Apple iPad, aka the Savior of the Print Medium, aka Senor Rico Loco, aka the long fabled Apple tablet which became a verified almost reality last week, will without a doubt carry digital comic books. If you're a comic book fan with an iPhone, you've probably seen the likes of Comixology which we reviewed a while back, and others available for the device. Well the gadget geeks down at gizmodo are reporting on one such app, Panelfly and its coming reboot for the iPad. "This looks incredible" is an exact quote (notice the quotes) from Adam in an email to the Basement Crew.

Check out their full article here:

Pete's Basement Season 2, Episode 45 - 11.17.09


Pete's under-the-radar pick Maura. Ramon reviews 21 books! Comixology's iPhone App Comics, the test results are in -- it's a boy! Plus, our More Digressions contest winner!

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