Interview with Kristen Cumings at the Jelly Belly Booth - Pete's Basement at NYCC 2017!

Pete talks with Kristen Cumings, the brilliant artist behind the jelly bean-covered paintings at the Jelly Belly Booth at New York Comic Con! Read more »

Artist Spotlight - Bill Walko - Marvel Bond Girls

With the new James Bond movie Spectre hitting theatres today, I thought it would be cool to share some related art I randomly stumbled upon earlier this week by artist Bill Walko on DeviantArt.

Check out more of these super cool girl Bond Girl posters made with some of the lovely ladies of Marvel. Read more »

Original Toilet Seat Art is a Thing

I stumbled upon this funny Power Girl toilet seat lid by artist Amanda Conner, which is apparently part of the world's only museum dedicated to original art on toilet seats by comic creators. This place is called The Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum in San Francisco. Who knew?? Read more »

DIY Dancing Baby Groot Flower Pot

Is your green thumb non-existent? Could you kill a cactus? Then this solar powered Groot is for you. Patrick Delahanty got one step ahead of Disney and made this fun toy that they totally slept on. Read more »

H.R Giger, Biomechanical Artist Passes Away at 74

Giger's artwork is easily recognizeable for his monochromatic landscapes and macabre creatures and humans fused to machines through various orafices making Gigers obsession with sex and death well known. Read more »

Retro Comic Character Illustrations in Live Action Movies

 60's and 70's Marvel characters mix it up in their own movies, thanks to Brazilian designer. Read more »

Original Batman Art Left In New York City Taxi

Neal Adams Lost Bag Poster

"Holy shit, Batman!" is a phrase probably uttered by the person entering the NYC taxi cab that was just vacated by famed comic book artist Neal Adams. Neal left two portfolios of his original artwork in the back seat of the cab, which let him off at West 27th Street and 7th Ave. The books contained "tens of thousands of dollars" worth of original art from Batman, Green Lantern, Catwoman, and more.

If you found Neal's artwork, return it. Please. It's the right thing to do. Don't make Neal cry. The entire world of geekdom shall weigh heavy upon your conscience for all your days. Until some kid in a Spider-man outfit finally tracks you down and billy-clubs you from behind a mailbox. It's just not worth it.

Neal sketched the driver, which is kind of an honor. So all you fans out there that want your portrait done by Neal, you know what to do.

Seriously though, if you have the book or any information, you're being asked to call 212-869-4170.

Via The New York Post Read more »

Custom Character Bikes - Art Appreciation

When you're a mountain bike enthusiast, fan and artist, interesting things are bound to roll out.






Get your J.K. Woodward Prints

Spidey by J.K. Woodward

Comic book artist extraordinair and friend of the show J.K. Woodward is offering prints of some of his most beloved paintings. This is a limited run of sequentially numbered prints, so get them before they're gone!


"It's A Dawgs Life" is a blog for anyone who likes Dogs, Cartoons, and Comic Books. Tons of Dog parodies of famous comic book characters and comic book covers. Check it out ---> IT'S A DAWGS LIFE

G.I. Joe Cobra Original Art for Sale!

J.K. Woodward original from G.I. Joe Cobra #6

J.K. Woodward is offering a couple of his original G.I. Joe paintings for sale on! That's right, YOU can own a piece of comic book/G.I. Joe history. Gouache on heavy artist paper. Price, not bad. Not bad at all for these monumental originals. Go buy em quick, before someone beats you to it. He's only offering two pieces, both of which were seen on this week's episode of Pete's Basement, by the way. So if you want to clone us, you just might be able to find our precious DNA clinging to them as well. I wouldn't advise that though. Our clones would most certainly be evil, or at least real pricks!

Check out the sale here: Read more »

Pete's Basement Episode 43- 11.18.08


Pete, Steve, Dr. Doom, and a Chewbacca look-alike are set loose on the 2008 National Big Apple Comic Book, Art, Toy, & Sci-Fi Expo. Everyone leaves a little bit violated from this one.

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