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Pete's Basement Season 7, Episode 7 - 3.11.14

Top Cow takes book of the week! Forever Evil comes in at a close second as the boys discuss the fate of Nightwing! Plus, Cheezeburger Pete - now with more Z! Also check out Magneto, Moon Knight, Wolverine and The X-Men, as well as Rogue Trooper, Starlight, The Revenge, and the conclusion of Dynamite's Noir!

Pilot Season! Vote for which comic gets its own series!

Pilot Season: The Genius #1

Ever think that there are a lot of crappy comics out there and you just dont know why they are ALL getting their own run? Well, now you can vote on what comic you'd like to see be made into its own series and which comics get trashed. Top Cow introduced "Pilot Season" in 2007. They release some Pilot issues for you to check out, you figure out which one you like best, and then vote!

I personally voted for the Angelus last year, but Velocity and Cyblade won. They are REJECT Image characters, come on!!! WTF!?! Read more »

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