Play 8-Bit RPG Adventure by Studio 4°C for Free on Google

Over the coming weeks, join calico athlete Lucky as she explores Doodle Champion Island. An 8-bit world filled with sporty mini-games, legendary opponents, dozens of daring side quests, and a few friends. Her goal? Defeat each sport champion to collect all seven sacred scrolls. Read more »

Interview with Area 52 Flix Creator John Morena

Pete and Greg talk animation and short films with Area 52 Flix creator John Morena. In the past year, John has embarked upon a monumental task of creating 52 animated shorts, one for each week of the year! Read more »

He-Man and The Masters of the Universe Interview with Animator Tom Cook! NYCC'14




Pete's in Artist Alley talking with Tom Cook, one of the lead animators on his favorite cartoon, He-Man and The Masters of the Universe! They talk about how Tom got into art, the ins and outs of rotoscope animation, and Tom's favorite character to draw!  Read more »


Justice League Unlimited - Season 2 - Episode 5 - "Flash and Substance"

Main Plot: Orion attempts to understand Flash's antics as Wally and Batman battle four of Flash's rogues that attack the museum that is opening in his honor. This episode includes many references to Flash's comic book and television history, including a guest appearance by Linda Park and bringing back Mark Hamill as the Trickster.

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BATMAN & ROBIN Team Up with GREEN LANTERN (The Batman)

The Batman - Season 5 - Episode 7 - "Ring Toss"

Main Plot: Green Lantern seeks out Batman's help in locating renegade Green Lantern Sinestro, but when the villain comes to Earth, Penguin ends up with the hero's power ring.

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ORIGIN OF HARLEY QUINN (Batman: The Animated Series)

The New Batman Adventures - Episode 21 - "Mad Love"

Main Plot: Harley reflects on her first meeting with the Joker as she plots to eliminate her main competition in his attentions - Batman.

Source: Wikipedia

SUPERMAN Vs. BATMAN (Batman: The Brave and The Bold)

Batman: The Brave and The Bold - Season 3 - Episode 5 - "Battle of the Superheroes!"

Main Plot: Following fights with Lex Luthor, Metallo, El Gar-Kur, Mister Mxyzptlk, and Toyman, Superman is infected with a Red Kryptonite necklace secretly given to Lois Lane by Lex Luthor which causes Superman to become evil. Now Batman must work with Krypto to hold off Superman until the effects of the Red Kryptonite wear off.

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Finally, The Return of Cartoons Designed to Sell You Shit

Believe me, growing up I enjoyed my fair share of Transformers, G.I. Joe, and various ninja reptiles, but then something happened. At least for me, the Simpsons was first, then Ren and Stimpy, and then a whole slew of other shows that proved what animation could, and should be -- good. Well it looks as if the pendulum is swinging back to stupid right at this very moment.

Cartoon Brew ( just posted a great essay in which they detail the decline of the creator driven cartoon, and the rise of the marketing driven one, like a dim-witted phoenix held together by the promise of money via merchandise sales, and running off of the sweat of assembly line animation houses in the west and Korea. With the launch of the well funded new network, the Hub, which is partially owned by Hasbro, we can expect to see such gems as Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures, and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

This is a troubling vision, however I have hope. The landscape is different now than in the late 80's early 90's. The internet and american cartoon audience are maturing. Even television may not totally be a lost cause, there certainly are places where good content can find a home. At the rate they're going, my money is on FX coming to their senses and funding some awesome animation. If their current non-animated line up is any indication, they have the intestinal fortitude to do so. I have a pilot. FX execs, call me.

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