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Guardians of the Galaxy Full Trailer

The Guardians of the Galaxy full trailer is out and about! When I saw it shared all over my news feed today, I was super stoked. My excitement for a live action Rocket is hard to contain. Plus, rebels in outer space with aliens has got me all over it. Read more »

Watch the official trailer for "BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD"!!!

batman under the hood.jpg

The official trailer for "Batman: Under the Red Hood" has been released. Batman: Under the Red Hood is the lastest Batman animated movie scheduled for a July 27th, 2010 dvd release. Based on the "Under The Hood" story arc appearing in "Batman #635 - 638" and written by Judd Winick. View the trailer here! Read more »


This is the 6 minute preview/trailer of The Dark Knight movie which played before "I Am Legend". The only way to have seen this was to go see "I Am Legend" at the IMAX Theater. I provided a link to it. It is a bootleg camera copy but it's good enough quality to see everything. Watch this as soon as you can because copies of this video are constantly being removed from the net.

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