Star Trek Picard Season One Review with Ramon!

It's Ramon! Here to give us a spoiler-free review of Picard Season One. Read more »

Deadpool Interview! Stefan Kapicic - The Voice of Colossus! A Pete's Basement Extra!

Actor Stefan Kapicic co-star of Deadpool and voice of the mighty Russian, Colossus, stops to talk to Pete and Ramon about comic collecting, voice acting, and what it was like for a true comic fan to voice one of his favorite heroes! Read more »

Deadpool Spoiler-Filled Review & Stefan Kapicic, The Voice of Colossus Interview!

Pete and Ramon give a spoiler-filled review of Deadpool! So if you haven't seen the movie (for some reason), STOP RIGHT NOW! Seriously, cause we don't wanna' hear any of you whiny, crybaby assholes yelling about spoilers when you have now been thoroughly warned. Read more »

Deadpool Spoiler-Free Review & Stefan Kapicic, The Voice of Colossus Interview!

Pete and Ramon give a spoiler-free review of Deadpool! So if you haven't seen the movie (for some reason), you can still watch this! Maybe you're wondering if it's ok to take your kids. Hint: It probably isn't. But why don't you hear Pete explain that one. Read more »

Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty


All right, someone gave me Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty to read. And against my better judgment, I did.
I'm all for alternate versions of our heroes as long as it's contained and doesn't filter into the mainstream universe.
That being said, Dark Knight Dynasty is split into three chapters; past, present and future. Now right off the bat (no pun intended, ah you know what, it's intended), I'll like to say that there is Monkey-Robin in the future story. That's right, Monkey-Robin. A monkey in Robin's clothing. And he talks! Perfect English, just like the regular Robins! Read more »

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