Pete's Basement Season 11, Episode 33 - 12.22.18

It's the season finale of Pete's Basement! The boys talk the Avengers Endgame trailer, Godzilla, and Umbrella Academy, as well as The CW's Elseworlds and the upcoming Crisis. The Batman Who Laughs makes his frightening return to the DC Universe, and Miles Morales gets a new number 1 issue on the eve of Into the Spiderverse. Have a drink with the Basement Crew as we kick 2018 the Hell out, and look forward to a bigger and better Basement Show in Season 12! Well go on, hit the play button!

Pete's Basement Season 11, Episode 32 - 12.11.18

The roundtable is full again this week as Chris, Greg, and Cheeze join Pete and Ramon for a great week of comic reviews! The boys talk the Captain Marvel trailer, as well as this season's CW shows. A stellar week of comics all around, pun unapologetically intended, as aliens and magic seemed to be the order of the day. Greg loved Prodigy, not to mention the rest of the Image Comics stable this week: Die, Self-Made, and The Freeze. Wizard Beach from BOOM is an instant favorite of Pete's.

Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty


All right, someone gave me Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty to read. And against my better judgment, I did.
I'm all for alternate versions of our heroes as long as it's contained and doesn't filter into the mainstream universe.
That being said, Dark Knight Dynasty is split into three chapters; past, present and future. Now right off the bat (no pun intended, ah you know what, it's intended), I'll like to say that there is Monkey-Robin in the future story. That's right, Monkey-Robin. A monkey in Robin's clothing. And he talks! Perfect English, just like the regular Robins! Read more »

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