Epic Win Burlesque!


Attention nerds of NYC!

Do you like video games, comic books and/or science fiction?

Do you like when women-folk take off their clothes?

Fantastic! Then put down those binoculars, get out of them bushes and come on down to EPIC WIN Burlesque to see some sexy nerdy ladies get naked... without risking jail time.



Dorks and Dolls: Dead and Drippin'

Going for my first installment of "Dorks and Dolls" here on Pete's Basement. Every now and then you'll be dazzled with ladies (and gents!) of a geeky but creative nature.

So without further adieu, meet Dead and Drippin'. Model, fashion designer, and comic nerd... straight from the grave to you. But don't let the whole dead girl thing give you a creepy, musty vibe, she's totally fresh. Read more »

Ramon's Basement Episode 1- 1.17.12

Ramon's Basement is in full swing with a panel of Ramon's own choosing, one of whom is a scantily-clad model. What happened to Pete, Steve and Roger? Check it all out here!

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 13 - 03.30.10

What's this? A real book in the basement? This must be some kind of mistake. The boys look at it strangely, and then retreat to the safety of their comics!

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