Think Small This Holiday Season... and Beyond!

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday hurricane madness with barrages of gift idea commercials, non-stop Christmas music at every turn, and deals for every day of the week from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

Today is one of those days, and an important one at that given the doozy of a year we’ve been having. It’s Small Business Saturday! Many businesses went under this year, but also a lot of folks took the opportunity to start new, independent financial ventures as free time was afoot and steady work became unstable. You may even have some friends who started something up during this time. So today, and moving into and past the holidays, it’s a great idea to support your friends, and small businesses to keep them going! We’ve collected some of our buddies, and a few local favorites for you to check out.

This list is in progress, so check back soon!




Anyone Comics
Brooklyn, NY
Our boy Dimitrios over at Anyone Comics always has great stuff, and be sure to tell him the Basement Crew sent ya' for an extra discount!
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Royal Collectibles
Queens, NY
Pete just picked up a badass Punisher bust from them. They’re a great little shop with locations in Astoria and Forest Hills with a nice variety of comics, toys, and more. They often do live auctions and sales and ship too!
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Unstoppable Comics
Bronx, NY
Jay has some awesome comics and tees you can gift the geek in your life. Unstoppable also has a brand new Kickstarter up right now, and you know the Basement has already shown its support! Check out the new campaign for The Stormchasers Vol.1 and kick in if you can!
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Ghost Girl Greetings
Franklinville, NJ
One of our High School friends started this spooky greeting card business, and we just love it. Although it’s not just limited to greeting cards, you can also find pins, wrapping paper, mugs and more! Ghost Girl Greetings makes the perfect gift for the horror fan in your life.
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Leez Art
Brooklyn, NY
Basement bud Lisa creates hand-painted fan art on different types of barware. Browse pre-made creations, or inquire about a custom cup. Definitely a great geek gift!
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Greenwell Goods
Brooklyn, NY
Artist and seamstress Sara Ann Rutherford takes vintage fabric and turns them into modern goods. What started off as fashionable safety masks, blossomed into great headbands, dog coats, and more.
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J.Caress Studio
New York, NY
J. Caress Studio designs and illustrates LGBTQ-themed artwork specifically for people of the community and those seeking that special, very personal item you can't quite find anywhere else. They offer greeting cards for holidays and special occasions, tarot cards, totes, hand-carved hamsas, art prints, and more. They also take commissions!



Mallon Khan
Los Angeles, CA
Another very talented friend from our High School. Mallon Khan is a renaissance man. Artist, editor, musician, producer, podcaster, animator, voice actor, writer and so much more. Give the gift of music by creating a thumb drive mixtape of some from some of the many "name your price" albums, or purchase the full album from his band Proud Fools ($5) to gift. Links can also be gifted on Bandcamp. Sci-fi fan in your life? Check out his book Emplant. Original art products? He's got stickers, notebooks, tees, pants, skirts, pins, and prints!
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Support a creator's goal and be someone’s secret Santa. Even just a dollar a month makes someone feel great about what they are doing.


Serotonin Chaser
Queens, NY
Hannah is a talented baker, seamstress, an open-minded non-judgmental designer and the sweetest human we know. Her project Serotonin Chaser was started to share her mental illness journey and healing through art therapy. Her work ranges from sparkly kawaii doodles to dark nightmare art. She has different art prints and skateboards with her art available. You can even commission her for a cartoon version of your friend as a gift!
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Sebastian Jones
Creator of the hit series Niobe from Stranger Comics, he is launching a new Kickstarter on Dec 1st for 'Ruining Christmas'. It’s the story of two elves who accidentally lose Santa's hat, the source of all Christmas magic, and have to get it back before the holiday is ruined! NOTE! This ain't your NBC Rudolph n' Frosty Special - this one's some goodhearted Christmas humor for the adults - not for the kiddies.
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Foxy Foxxy
A lifetime ago, Basement buds Penny and Danny were part of the independent wrestling scene. There they met Foxy Foxxy (Foxy Dreams), a charismatic manager, wrestler, referee, and ring announcer. Foxy is an aspiring writer who is currently working on her memoirs during her 18 years growing up in the business. It’s a story about wrestling, but also about finding and losing herself, betrayal, mental and emotional abuse, music, jealousy, drugs, alcohol, and more.
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Yellow Rose - Cosmic Texas Cooking
East Village, NYC
Our friends opened a brick and mortar during a pandemic. That is pretty crazy! But these two crazy lovebirds from Texas are making it happen by making some of the cosmic creative food and cocktails you’ll eat this season (and every season). The restaurant is charming and cozy, like visiting friends who live out of town, but with a Ms. Pacman arcade machine! We dare you to beat Isa's score, she is quite competitive. Indoor dining is still a no-no in NYC, but they have an outdoor seating situation complete with heaters to keep your taco-eating tootsies warm. Everyone loves being fed, so bring a friend to Yellow Rose, or get some chips and queso to eat together under the mistletoe.
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Why is Small Business Shopping Important?
Giving your money to a small business helps them stay open as well as supports their families and their dreams. Whenever you opt for Starbucks over a (cheaper) coffee from an independent bakery or shop, you invest in the corporation, and not the individual people of your community.  Many gift shops carry goods that are made from locally sourced materials or made by people in your community. Purchasing hand-made items boost the lively hood of the people making them. By investing in your friends and neighbors, you invest in yourself.

The Pandemic Has Been Bananas
The Society for Human Resource Management found more than 60 percent of small businesses experienced revenue losses due to the coronavirus. Tens of thousands of businesses have permanently closed their doors. By shopping small, you can help the shops that remained open to recover from the devastating losses.

Unique Items
Mass-produced products aren’t without their charm, but a great benefit of supporting small artisans is that the products are unique. No two items are exactly alike, may be in limited supply, and come with their own story and energy of the creator. There is something very magical about buying pottery or art where you can feel the passion that went into it. I also love it when there is a fingerprint present too!

Money Stays Local
Local businesses are more likely to spend their money locally, which supports and stimulates your community's economy. Chain restaurants only return about 30% of the money they earn to the local economy, while many small, local eateries spend their money locally to buy supplies, fresh ingredients from farmer's markets, delis, and butchers that can put as much as 79% back into the communities economy. Money spent at corporate franchises and many places online go to the corporations and vendors overseas.

Self Sufficient Communities
Supporting businesses that grow and produce products locally lessens reliance on needing items to be shipped to us. Buying non-local food and mass-produced goods promote larger industrial complexes that hurt local communities causing small businesses to shut down. This leaves us vulnerable to good shortages in times of crisis, which is exactly what we have been seeing this year. Supporting local keeps the food and goods supply in the communities hands.

Puts Your Taxes To Good Use
Another part of being self-sufficient as a community. Local businesses need less infrastructure investment and make better use of public services compared to their franchise counterpart. Local tax dollars support your neighborhood's infrastructure, roads, the fire and police departments, schools, libraries, and more.

Keeps Your Hood Distinct
Independently owned shops and markets create a unique environment of interesting places, people, and experiences. You've probably watched your neighborhood or visited your old haunts to discover that all the Mom and Pop shops you went to as a kid are dead and gone, with Starbucks and McDonald's standing in their places. While having the original shops there are nostalgic, if they are to stay open, they must be shopped at.

Invests in Non-Profits
It is very common for small business owners to invest money into local non-profits and organizations. Money going to your community helps your community grow strong. From after school programs, workshops, help groups, sponsorship of local sports teams and events.