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Win a trip to the Game of Thrones Premiere!



Game of Thrones is partnering with International Rescue Comittee to help save the world! More specifically, to help respond to the Syrian refugee crisis. They're asking you to donate some money, but in addition to the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing you're helping a family in crisis, you'll also get entered to win a trip to the Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere and after party with the cast in LA! Time's running out for the amazing contest. Only a few days left to enter Read more »

Top 5 Marvel Characters Who Should/Should Not Survive Secret War


Pete, Ramon, and Rich answer the question from @reliclord on Instagram: What are your top five characters to survive Marvel's Secret War, and top five to not survive?  Read more »

NY Comic Con 2014 Photo Slideshow

New York Comic Con 2014 was overflowing with comic book, movie, tv, and game news. But what kind of comic book blog would we be if we didn't cover our cosutmed brethern, aka cosplayers. We took a lot of photos of sexy, creative, funny, well execuited, and not so well executed cosplay from all walks of geekdom. This Flickr slideshow has most of them, except for one missing iPhone worth, the owner of which will remain nameless. Enjoy!

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Flickr Slideshow: 

Full Video Episodes Now Available from Pete's Basement

Because you demanded it Pete's Basement full video episodes are back!




I know this is going to make a lot of long-time fans very happy. 

Because you demanded it, our video show is back! Now watch the whole Pete's Basement comic book talk show. See every comic, whiskey shot, insult, and hilarious beat-down, er-- I mean comic review in glorious HD. From the bright shiny book of the week, to the steaming pile of sewage that makes Pete's eyes bleed!  Read more »

Holy Crap, The New Godzilla Movie Looks Freaking Awesome.

A new Godzilla movie trailer dropped on YouTube this week. Yeah, so there is really nothing about this that sucks. In fact, this represents the exact logical negation of suck. And if nothing else it totally confirms that Brian Cranston is king of the world. Grab some extra pants (unless you are wearing crap-proof pants, or not wearing pants at all, in which case, kudos) and check out the YouTube video that directly follows this sentence you are reading right now.



Greenpoint Gazette Celebrates our 300th Episode

Check out the article about Greenpoint's favorite comic book talk show, by Greenpoint's favorite local paper:

Via Greenpoint Gazette


Walking Dead Zombies Down A NYC Sidewalk Grate in Marketing Stunt

Did anyone see the mini-zombie apocalypse cooked up by AMC for the launch of The Walking Dead's new season? Pedestrians and other fauna of Union Square last Friday morning would have been surprized by the grey/blackened/bleeding hands reaching for them suddenly from a sidewalk grate (or come to think of it, may have ignored it completely). I rarely get down that way anymore, but being the exciteable type, I might've stomped a few zombie hands over this. I gotta give them credit though. With the weather like it's been, these lightly dressed zombies have a lotta-- er-- body heat. 

Via The Daily News


No More Marvel Comics at Barnes & Noble

No more Marvel Comics at Barnes & Noble


If you get your new issues of Marvel comic books from Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million, odds are you don't exist anyway, but if you do you're going to have to figure out an alternative game plan. Marvel is dropping big-box books stores from it's distribution plan. Graphic novels will still be found in stock, alongside the King James Bible, and the latest extended edition of Fifty Shades of Grey. It makes sense. I don't remember the last time I've even seen comics in a Barnes & Noble. Or knew anyone who bought comics at Barnes & Noble.

Marvel ended newsstand sales of print comics “about two years ago,” and the single-issue program at BAM and B&N “ended almost three months ago to no fanfare or notice from the comics industry,” Marvel senior v-p of book sales David Gabriel told Publisher's Weekly

Via Read more »

Image Delivers Comic Books to Your Dropbox

Image Comics in your Dropbox

Image Comics has announced new integration with Dropbox to deliver digital comic books directly to your Dropbox account, DRM free of course. The functionality will be accessible from within the store and collection area.

"Now, when viewing your comics collection on the Image Website, you'll see a "Save to Dropbox" button."

Once in your Dropbox, there are a number of ways to access them. For more details, hit up Read more »

Red: A Cyberpunk Fairytale jumps into Kickstarter mode

Red: A Cyberpunk Fairytale WIP

Check out this awesome WIP pic from our friend Daniel Velez's graphic novel RED: A Cyberpunk Fairytale. He's running a Kickstarter right now to get this project finished. We highly recommend jumping on that before it's over.

Via Facebook

Bangladesh Is Big On Comics

Dhaka Comicon from Al Jazeera

Bangladesh is definitely not the first place that comes to mind when you think of comic book culture. Especially when you consider that comics, which aren't exactly cheap for Americans, are very expensive in Bangladesh. According to Al Jazeera, per capita income in Bangladesh is around $1000 a year! But that hasn't stopped a budding western-comic-book fan base from growing. And some Bangladeshi comic companies are popping up too.

The capital city, Dhaka, was host to the 2013 Dhaka Comicon which saw 16000 attendees. And 'Jamil's Comics and Collectables', one of Dhaka's first and only dedicated comic book shops, sold out all 10 copies of New 52 Batman by Scott Snyder much to the owner Jamil's delight. I guess every culture understands the hero archetype. I just didn't expect 'mutant' to translate so well.

Via Al Jazeera Read more »

Transformers Director Michael Bay Assaulted in Extortion Attempt

Director Michael Bay was the victim of an extortion attempt and assault on the set in Hong Kong. Two men approached him demanding 100,000 Hong Kong Dollars, then attacked when he refused to pay. Bay reportedly suffered a minor injury to his face. The two men also assaulted the police who responded to the scene.

Looks like crappy plot isn't the biggest danger when working on a Transformers movie sequel.

Via Fox News

Make a Simple Dr. Doom Mask.

DIY Dr. Doom

Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy a good instructable. Why, if I only had a workbench, tool shed, and no job... or maybe that would be bad. Anyway, check out this fine rundown by Instructables user gaudopippo on how he made this awesome and simple Dr. Doom mask.

Via Instructables

Timelapse of NY Comic Con from Our Booth

Six hours of NY Comic Con foot traffic compressed into seventeen minutes of footage. Our table was way in the back of artist alley (though right next to Chris Claremont which was awesome). We saw tons of cosplayers, Basement Fans, and even a wedding proposal. Comment on any cool finds in the footage. Here's one to start you off:

  • 07:43 - Bodacious Scarlet Witch and female Quicksilver

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