Pursuit of Plastic - A Comic About Two Friends Saving the Toy Universe!



Pete talks with Chris Walk and Casey Bowker about Pursuit of Plastic, a love letter to every 80s kid who loved their cartoons and toys released. Released under their own company, DFAT Comics, with a whole library of stories under their belt, Pursuit of Plastic isn't these guys' first rodeo. To get the ball rolling on this new publication, Chris and Casey tell us about P.O.P's Kickstarter with all the awesome rewards available for backers! Get ready to totally geek out over 80s toys and cartoons once these three get started! (especially Pete - you know how he gets)

As for the comic, Pursuit of Plastic follows the story of best friends and geeks, Casey and Chris, who embark on an inter-dimensional adventure through different Toy Worlds (all of which are colorful, eye-catching homages to your favorite cartoons of the 1980s) in order to stop an evil overlord from taking over the Universe. They’re joined by their helpful and sassy robot Arwen, on an escapade that will literally change the course of time and space forever!