Pete's Box! A Geek Themed and Pete Inspired Cookie Stash

Hannah from the 8 Bit Bakeshop swung by the basement for Season 9, Episode 8 with an amazing and massive custom Pete's Basement 8-bit takeover cookie for us to shove into our gullets, which we did with pleasure! Along with the giant cookie, we were treated to a stash of baked nerdy noms including a custom box of sugar cookies made just for Pete.

Pete's Box LVL 1 contains 5 sugar cookies of gamer geek inspired goodness that include rupees from the Legend of Zelda, a pair of cherries from Pac-Man (or just about any classic arcade game), and a fun Deadpool movie inspired "cockthistle" speech bubble.

This special cookie box is available to you in all it's sweet, sweet glory. Even more sweet is that every Pete's Box sale goes directly to supporting the Pete's Basement Comic Book Talk Show! Now you can support your type 2 diabetes AND your favorite podcast.

Classic Ultimate Vanilla or Chocolate are only two of the sugar cookie flavors available. Other options include Gingerbread, Lemon, Almond, and Gluten Free Vanilla or Chocolate. Have an allergy or dietary restriction? 8 Bit Bakeshop is happy to customize your order for your tastes and needs.

8 Bit Bakeshop will be powering up the Pete's Box, and selections from LVL 1 to LVL 5 will be soon be available.  In the meantime, earn yourself some XP by starting with a LVL 1 Pete's Box and some other treats to satisfy your geek sweet tooth.

8 Bit Bakeshop is a geek and pop culture inspired bakery operating out of Long Island City in Queens New York. Founded by Hannah and Matthew McNamee in 2014, 8 Bit 's humble beginnings consisted of local deliveries of small batch cookies made with high quality ingredients sourced from other local, small, and health conscious businesses. Today, they provide these same quality ingredient products directly to your doorstep anywhere in the United States.