Bob's Books 4/3/08

It was a good week. Somehow better then Ultimate week. That's not even including Secret Invasion. There are SPOILERS.

•Buffy the Vampire Slayer 13- Damn i like this book! It rocks! It is entertaining as all comics should ultimately be. I look forward to each book and there is not one thing i can say bad about this book. Currently there are Japanese vampires with the powers of Dracula. He lost them playing cards. Once this comes to his attention he starts a racial slur fest! Good Stuff.

•Action Comics 863- Great arc all the way through! I am really getting into the Legion of Super Heroes and will probably be picking up a trade or 2 in the near future. I won't discuss the story, pick it up. There is an ad though that shows Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds. I won't lie, this is the first time i can say that i look forward to anything with Final Crisis in the title.

•Batman Detective Comics 843- Good one shot, hence also a good jumping on point. There is a new Ventriloquist in town and its a hot blonde. Add in the Penguin and you have some good ol' Batman fun. BUT WAIT! Lets throw in Zatanna kicking serious game to Batman and we have a Superb book!

•Countdown 4- I didn't even put it in the Keywords. Want to know why. Well why the hell is Darkseid waiting for Mary Marvel on her SOFA!!!! WHY!!!!!!!

•Nightwing 143- UM, LETDOWN! Who the hell is that mad scientist and why the hell are they even throwing in a mad scientist into the Nightwing books. This book hurt my Feelings!

•Supergirl 28- OK! She is a special kid. I mean Trying to cure cancer. Who the !@#$ are you to promise a kid that you will cure his cancer. Wonder Woman showed it best when she broke her nose then healed it with some magic trinket. One thing is a nose and another thing is screwing around with mortality. Supergirl needs a major time out and if Superman won't do it then send in Batman!

•Project Superpowers 2- This book is good, except for character development. I mean you finally throw in a character called Black Terror and he does look fierce, but he cries. Why? He can't find his side kick tim. WHAT! Why! He is all bent on killing a few of his allies in one page then crying in the next. Build your characters first before you do this crap!

•Frak Frazetta's Dark Kingdom- This was a one shot that was over due in my eyes. Frank Frazetta did with art what Robert E. Howard did with a pen. This is the first of many soon to come one shots on his famous pieces of art. THANK GOD! If this is any sign of what is to come then i am along for the ride.

•Darkness: Butcher- Another one shot this week. This one i won't compare to the previous because that would be mean. Good story though. Butcher Joyce is the guy that cleans up the mess for the mafia after a hit. He obviously knows a lot of dirt on the mob but he keeps his mouth shut, good man.

•Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasure 10- FINALLY! I likes this issue. You have to understand i got into this book because of Bret Booth and i didn't stop when i smelled the crap that is the rest of this book. It is finally getting good and hopefully ending too.

•Cable 2- I must stop getting this crap. It ain't good. Thats it, 'nuff said!

•Kick-Ass 2- What a good second issue. It wasn't great for the reasonn that it wasn't in your face as much as the first but that was to be expected. I will bbe staying on this book for the long run.... unlike that Cable book.

•Logan 2- This dropped the ball. A new enemy of wolverines who doesn't die. Wolverine survived Hiroshima! Too much!

•Secret Invasion 1- This book will be covered on the show so i will keep this tight. It was a great book and the beginning of a great story. There is potential for a stupid series in her but i don't think it will go down that way. I hope.

•the Twelve 4- I like this series a lot. Not too much action which is the only thing project Superpowers trumps it on. The characters are rich and if they survive this book i can see them in the Marvel Universe. I would say get this series while you can.

•Young Avengers Presents 3- this one covered Wiccan and Speed. The twin children of the Scarlet Witch. the ones she magically poofed out of thin air (basically). This is ok. I mean Wiccan is gay and is in love with a Kree/Skrull Hybrid who also happens to be a prince and son of Captain Marvel. When the hell is that gonna be touched upon? The art was also weak.

•Young X-Men 1- Cyclops is the man, and thats why i picked up the variant showing him being the man. That aside i liked this book and look forward to seeing this book and team grow. I didn't like the Young in their name nor the exclusion of certain members from the New X-Men team. The book just started so i am hoping there will be reserves or deaths or something. Cyclops did call this his X-men team so i expect to see more then teenage angst.

That's it for this week. I hope me posting early makes up for not posting last weeks stack. I was sick. So sick that i couldn't even enjoy my laziness. That ain't right!