Bob's Books 3/13/08

There were some real gems out this week. let's begin.

•Batman Confidential 14- OK, we have a villain out there throughly trained like the bat. It's been done. Throw in Nightwing at his height of rebellion and we got nothing special. I mean it is a decent series, this issue just didn't do it for me.

•Countdown 7- The only thing this damn book has done for me is make me dislike kyle rayner. That takes a lot considering i am so loving the GL books.

•Gotham Underground 6- Villains by the boat load! That is all i can say about this book. It will only be worth it if this builds up the Bat rogues and leads to something in the monthly issues.

•Green Lantern Corps 22- Woo Hoo! The Best DC book out this week. That really doesn't say much but it was damn good. Pick this series up before it hits the next big GL event.

•Superman 674- I have not been collecting DC books for that long, so my Knowledge of their history is limited. BUT!!!! Who the hell is this obscure Villain? I like the continuation of the mon-el story as well as the kid he is raising.

•Wonder Woman 18- She is Supposed to be part of the big 3. WHY? I mean i think she should but this series is not showing me why. She is an oddity in the DC world and compared to the nut in the bat suit and the alien in blue tights that says a lot. I am just hoping Gail Simone brings her up a notch. i liked her work on the Birds of Prey.

•Annihilation Conquest 5- This is getting weird. Maybe too Sci-Fi for me. Getting into techno organic clones and what not. One more issue people, wrap this up cleanly Marvel you can do it... hopefully.

•Avengers: the initiative 10- DAMN GOOD BOOK!!! Tons of action and the story is just growing into this great monster of a story. A must pick up!

•the Mighty Avengers 10- DAMN GOOD BOOK the SEQUEL! Where do i start? The art is great, the story even better, the layout of the book is superb. TOO SWEET!

•Fantastic Four 555- Um, i like it but i think they are doing things in this book just to do it. It's just all random. Reed is a pimp with a stalker of an ex-girlfriend and the Thing got lucky the night before not to mention Torch got into a fight with a super powered criminal and end up shagging her.

•Marvel Comics Presents 7- This book will only be collected til the 12th issue. Nothing happening in this series to make it worth the 3.99

•Nova 11- This book has been great since the beginning. Hearing Warlock of new Mutants fame was going to be in this was a bit of a surprise but they pulled it off. The whole techno organic virus problem in Conquest brought him up to mind but i thought they were gonna let him stay in the past. Nope, and it was a good thing too. Nova is having a bad a year as Daredevil is. Sucks to be him. Except for the whole great book thing.

•Wolverine 63- More history between Mystique and Logan is revealed. He has been with every marvel Femme! This issue shows how tough a character Mystique is. She will hopefully stick around a lot more.

•X-Factor 29- Sucks to be the only official mutant team around. Everyone is either leaving, pregnant or getting their ass handed to them. Glad i jumped on to see their misery.

Thats it for this week. Decent week. I also must say that if you plan to get Secret Invasion then you should get Secret Invasion Saga. I don't know when this came out and the fact that it's free might make it hard to get but it gets into details on why the Skrulls hate Marvel Earth. A must i say before picking up the big event.