Bob's Books 3/7/08

Ok it was a good week again. Let's just get to the point.

•Echo 1- Terry Moore of strangers in Paradise fame has started this new series. I decided to pick this up due to all the critical acclaim about his last series. This is a damn good book. There is a lot of character in this book. I see this book growing into a damn great series. It isn't exactly a super hero book... yet. It has all the ingredients to be one though, and a good book at the same time.

•Buffy the Vampire Slayer 12- Buffy is Gay! Ok she is technically experimenting but she did do the deed. All that and she is fighting off some weird new vampire werewolf creatures... to poor affect at that. This book is funny and entertaining in all ways.

•the End League 2- Adam told me to pick this book up. Good job! It rocks. It's quite frankly a shitty future in which the last few heroes in the world have to go on food runs or starve. Incredible book. Crazy rampaging Thor, more dead heroes, and more heroes introduced. Damn!

•Batman Detective Comics 842- I always liked the relationship between Batz and Talia. Why she would give him a ancient suit i don't know. That's the story though, it's freaking interesting to show Batman's dark side.

•Countdown 8- Umm..... it's almost over!?!?

•the Exterminators 27- Want to know why i love this book.... let me quote it. "Team 3, you get close to even halfway reasonable doubt and you blow that wetback, taco-eating motherfucker back across the Rio Grande" "you copy that Lt. Gomez?"

•Green Lantern 28- 2 new Corps! That's right i said it 2 new rings are out there! pick this book up people.... after your done reading this blog of course.

•Nightwing 142- HA! This book had me within the first few pages, then they added Robin to the mix and it was Superb! The conversation between the 2 is great and they even bring up continuity.

•Northlanders Sven the returned 4- The violence in this book is incredible. The story is flowing along great and realistic to boot. Taking on a corrupt ruler using superstition and tactics is show so nice in this series. It also isn't one sided which is done too much, this guy actually has his ass handed to him.

•Supergirl 27- Stop hinting at what this girl can do and start showing it!!! All these damn hints at her being so powerful and potentially a major screw up, WHAT THE HELL! it's issue 28... prove it!

•Teen Titans Year One 3- This issue rocked just like the cover. They took on their mentors and robin took lead. Pick this book up either in trade or find the previous 2 issues.

•Anita Blake Vampire Hunter 9- UMM... I was teased about this book by a veteran collector at work. The shame! He was right i need to drop this book, i just find it hard to drop books. I am waiting for the limited in this limited series.

•Cable 1- WHOOOO! Great art and story. This is a great series out of a good cross over. I would like it out of the depressing ass future but it is only the first issue so i can wait.

•Logan 1- Vaughan is too damn talented. He pulled off a memory flashback. It is a good book with good art. I mean on a side note what the hell is with wolverine and always being in a war. If he wants peace so much he needs to stop enlisting!

•Powers 28- This book is bigger then the average comic yet when you are done with it it feels short. I think thats a good thing but its a frustrating thing too. Seeing Pilgrim use her powers was finally great. I mean she has before but not to this scale. It questions her future in this series.

•the Twelve 3- Oh Man! i Liked this book from the get go but i thought some characters were crap. I was wrong... Sorry! Thats right i apologized. They make old ass heroes in cheesy costumes great in this day and age. They brought out BLACK WIDOW and MISTER E in this issue. It was great to learn and see their talents and history.

•X-Force 2- So Much Blood!!!! I liked it! A lot! X-23 is finally the bad ass she was supposed to be. And warpath even gets startled by wolverines violence. Don't change a thing on this book Marvel.

•Uncanny X-Men 496- Mutant road trip and Mutant hippies. That's the book. Marvel is going back to the characters in the X-verse. I like what they are doing.