"Batman Begins" is a 2005 American superhero film based on the fictional DC Comics character Batman, directed by Christopher Nolan. It stars Christian Bale as Batman, along with Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Ken Watanabe, Tom Wilkinson, and Rutger Hauer. The film reboots the Batman film series, telling the origin story of the character and begins with Bruce Wayne's initial fear of bats, the death of his parents, and his journey to becoming Batman. It draws inspiration from classic comic book storylines such as The Man Who Falls, Batman: Year One, and Batman: The Long Halloween.

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"Bruce Wayne / Batman" - Christian Bale
"Alfred Pennyworth" - Michael Caine
"Sgt. James Gordon" - Gary Oldman
"Henri Ducard / Ra's Al Ghul" - Liam Neeson
"Dr. Jonathan Crane / The Scarecrow" - Cillian Murphy
"Carmine Falcone" - Tom Wilkinson
"Lucius Fox" - Morgan Freeman
"Thomas Wayne" - Linus Roache
"Martha Wayne" - Sara Stewart
"Joe Chill" - Richard Brake
"Detective Arnold Flass" - Mark Boone Junior
"Commissioner Gillian Loeb" - Colin McFarlane
"Victor Zsasz" - Tim Booth
"Ra's Al Ghul Decoy" - Ken Watanabe
"Rachel Dawes" - Katie Holmes


Based on the comic book "Batman" Published by "DC Comics"
Story by: David S. Goyer
Screenplay by: David S. Goyer & Christopher Nolan
Directed by: Christopher Nolan
"Batman" Created by: Bob Kane & Bill Finger

Theatrical Release: June 15th, 2005
DVD Release: October 18th, 2005


Source: Wikipedia