WONDER WOMAN (Unaired TV Pilot) **Spoiler Free Review**

I saw the unaired TV pilot for the new Wonder Woman show. My overall opinion: It was cool! Maybe a little better than cool. I liked all the little elements of Wonder Woman history that were incorporated. There's a decent amount of tidbits from the Comic Book and Original TV series to excite any fan. The beginning seems a little cheesy at times, Wonder Woman walking around with the suit can seem a little out of place with the tone of the show, but it all makes sense as the story progresses. By the middle, the pace picks up, Wonder Woman beings to lose patience, and she gets more of an attitude. Exciting for fans, painful for her enemies. This Wonder Woman is definitely no Lynda Carter in the fighting department. When it's time to brawl, this Wonder Woman brings the pain. I jumped out my seat and cheered! I waited a long time to see some serious live Wonder Woman action, and I was not disappointed. It just made me crave more! I think handled carefully and seriously Wonder Woman could have had 2 good solid seasons, with potential for maybe a 3rd & 4th seasons to end it all. I thought Wonder Woman was going to be a crappy girly show, but it turned out to be more serious, mature, violent, and action based. It was meant for network TV, but almost seems better suited for Cable TV. All that was missing was more blood and some foul language for this show to cross that line.

This pilot was given a harsh review. I'll admit it wasnt super spectacular, but it was a fantastic attempt, and a decent adaptation. It has comic book elements to attract and interest fans and the show's format was solid enough to make a short series, before it becomes crappy and they scrape the barrel for episode ideas. This pilot will definitely end up on the Comic Con Market and I recommend buying it. Until we get a big budget Hollywood movie, this pilot is the best live action adaptation of Wonder Woman we have. Sorry, Lynda Carter I mean no disrespect. I still love you Ms. Carter!!

--- My Rating: 7 out of 10 ---