Danny's Blog #2 (My favorite stand alone comic of all time)


This is Blog numbero dos (that's "number 2") for me and in it I'll be giving you my answer to the question featured on Episode 7 of "The Basement". That question is "What is your favorite stand alone comic of all time?". After viewing episode 7 an orgy of comic books happened in my head. I wish an orgy of Lindsay Lohan clones happened in my house but Scarlet Witch wasn't around to fuck with reality and bring it to life. Sad days, sad days. The only problem (minus the no Lindsay situation) was that none of the comics were really stand alone and were all part of a story arc somehow. Anywayz, many comic book stories came to mind, but only one remained stuck in my head like the sight of CHYNA's clitoris after watching her sex tape. That comic was BATMAN #600.

BATMAN #600 was part of the huge BATMAN crossover "BATMAN: Murderer/Fugitive" (holy lots of BATMAN... BATMAN). Number 600 was actually part 1 of "The Fugitive" part of the crossover. I picked this issue 'cause it was the issue where BATMAN basically gives up the BRUCE WAYNE identity and makes being BATMAN his soul purpose in life. He was on that "Fuck BRUCE WAYNE! Now it's all about the mission" mentality.

That wasn't the only reason I picked this book. The climax of the book (just like my climax when the Olsen Twins turned 18) was crazly (is that a word?) huge! By that I mean the fight we've all wanted to see. NIGHTWING VS. BATMAN!!!!!! Nothing too spectacular but cool anyway.

The ending was good too. BATMAN leaves the BATCAVE, WAYNE MANOR, and the whole BAT-FAMILY behind and begins operating out of a small base somewhere hidden in the city. By small base I mean it looked like the cargo part to a truck but filled with computers. Just him and Alfred just like Year One. This was a good issue and in my opinion the peak of the so-called "BATMAN: The Asshole Years". That's it! Get the book, don't get the book... I don't care 'cause I have it, i read it, i liked it, & i also have the Lindsay Lohan New York Magazine issue. Oh yea!! Lindsay naked!! Time for a bathroom break!!!


she said dick no!

I hate Nightwing's real name. I just had to say that. That issue also rocks by the way. Nothing beats an asshole Batman. Except an asshole Batman that gets all the ladies!