Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 4 - 01.26.10

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Pete and Skrull Adam address the Bruce/Dick debate among others and invite the viewers to a challenge. Ramon reviews the past week's books, bless his heart. Steve talks about Chew and Groo.

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Stars and Stripes

I tried as I might to find the Stars and Stripes comic mentioned in this episode with no avail. I used all my Oracle abilities to find anything related to 9G, Stars and Stripes and Augustos Legros, but searches turned up very little. I DID find an Augustin Legros on Facebook, but I refrained from sending him a message asking "Did you make some comic book like toilet paper back in the day?". There also is an Augustos Legros who lived in the 1800's on wiki... but I think my theory that this guy came from the past and made a horrible comic in the future is probably wrong.

Most likely this guy was a student who printed a small stack of this comic himself. After he was laughed at every time he tried to sell the issues, he probably cried and buried whatever was left in a desert in Alamogordo, New Mexico along with the 5 million E.T Atari games that didnt sell... (Yes they actually did that).