Preptime Posse Loves Us Almost As Much As We Love It Back.

Preptime Posse, you complete me!

For those of you who enjoy our discourse on serial storytelling couture (aka our comic book geekery), I cannot recommend enough the diversity and intelligence with which our brother Interwubbers over at Preptime Posse attack the artform. With writers from all over the globe, the Preptimers manage sharp, literate dialog about America's premier artform (okay, fine...after jazz and hip hop...but it's up there. Fuck you, MoMa) without being pretentious in the least.

They also curse a fuckload less than we do.

My only regret is that they don't update the $#%^&ing thing more often.

Pete's Basement urges you to check them out right now!

Or we shoot this puppy!