Pete's Basement Episode 5 - 02.12.08


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Danny Sanchez joins the basement while Adam has his lungs removed. Steve reveals the first of his "Characters That Never Should Have Been Created". Pete relays the joys of eBay categories and keywords.

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Another good episode guys.

Another good episode guys. God damn, my sides hurt after everyone of these things. I finally left you a review on Itunes. Can't remember for which version, Quicktime small, maybe. I go between all of them since I can't seem to get Itunes to run the damn thing without lagging like crazy. I can watch it from this site, but the picture quality isn't as good. I think your segments are really inspired. And the way you each keep coming up with them, I could see there being enough different ones, that it wouldn't get old. I really like the Ebay stuff, I know a lot of it is common sense, but sometimes auctions have a way of snatching your id and your wallet. So the tips are always nice.

I hope you guys are picking up some recognition from Myspace and such, cause I want this to stick around. One of my favorites week after week hands down. Keep it up.