Tickets for THE DARK KNIGHT!!!

I got mine!!!! you best' get yourz!!! U snooze u lose!!! It's July 18th 12 A.M., do you know where your children are?......... AT THEATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like everyone else..... or at least all the cool people. R U Cool?? Do you have a ticket for The Dark Knight? If yes, then pat yourself on the back..... you are a "COOL PEOPLE"! But if your answer is no, let the neighborhood kids toe kick you in the crotch...... you are a "NOT COOL PEOPLE"!

Gotcha one better

ok, so I couldn't get tix for opening night....that's a little too nuts anyway....NYC tix had been gone for weeks....but I did manage to get tix for the IMAX theater at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City (That's Long Island territory for all y'all Queens and Brooklyn-ites) for Saturday the 19th, and let me tell you, the IMAX theater there is SICK! The screen is on a fucking DOME for chrissakes, it sits at a 45˚ angle, and provides you with a 180˚ view! The opening scene we felt like we were actually flying thru Gotham....F'n AWESOME!

....oh yeah, and the movie absolutely RULED. I'm still creeped out by Heath Ledger's Joker laugh. Talk about one helluva swan song for him, although there is one more movie coming out that he worked on before his untimely death...ask me if I know what that is tho.