Bob's Books 7/12/08

It was truly a good damn week. Spoilers to come.

•Ultimate Origins 2 – I normally read books in company alphabetical order. Yes I know, I am a geek. But a big geek that can get away with whatever I usually feel like. All that aside I saw the Gabriele Dell’otto cover and just had to read it. His covers are freaking great. I loved his stuff during Secret Wars a while back. Anyways this is a truly great series. How is it that Marvel is pulling off 2 events while DC is struggling with 1?

•Action Comics 867 – The great team of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank can do no wrong! I mean they are making Brainiac a serious threat. Let’s be real here in the fact that he has basically been a cheesy robot, besides the justice limited series with Alex Ross. In this he is a huge threat that Superman has not truly ever faced. Damn! DC needs to keep this team together!

•Batman Confidential 19 – I was not around when Barbara Gordon was Batgirl, so this story arc is truly great. I am seeing a character that is loved in her prime. Add in Catwoman and the story is beyond good.

•Batman Detective Comics 846 – Hush is back! I am so glad to see him too. The losers of the Black Hand were killing me slowly and he is a breath of fresh air. He is the child of Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb. He has been used very rarely after the Hush story arc. Thank god! He is used perfectly here and I have hope for batman again. Mostly.

•Joker’s Asylum: Penguin – This is a weekly book that actually kicks ass. This story of the Penguin seems at first like a cheesy story of love found and a villain is tamed. NOT! He is evil and that’s just the way the Penguin rolls. Mind you he isn’t Joker evil but he sure as hell holds his own.

•Justice Society of America 17 – I love this book. So many rich characters and they are used so damn well. Should we be surprised with Johns again writing like no one else? NO! Pasarin’s art is also great. We all know Magog is supposed to show up and I actually look forward to seeing that play out. I don’t think they are going to tarnish Kingdom Come.

•Trinity 6 – Maybe it was the fact that I read this book after a great one, but I liked it. It seems like some things are coming together and will eventually work out. I think I will give this book another 3 issues before I decide to drop it.

•Wonder Woman 22 – I am happy to finally see Wonder Woman fighting and kicking butt. I would have liked it to be more relevant to current events in the DCU but hey we can’t have it all. Especially with DC!

•Transformers: All Hail Megatron 1 - I love villains. Always have always will. Megatron is a great and a classic. In this series or mini he wins. Optimus Prime appears to be dead and he hands NY its ass. Let the good times begin.

•Witchblade 119 – It was ok. It helps explain how a NYPD Detective juggles supernatural fights and her career. That was cool. I am not a fan of the other bearer though. Looking forward to the next even Broken Trinity.

•Captain America White 0 – I remember liking Hulk: Gray. So I picked this one up. It looks to be damn good. It is an ideal book for someone who would like to get a feel for who bucky, the current Captain America was/is.

•Guardians of the Galaxy 3 – I was thinking that this book could go in some really bad directions. They haven’t chosen that route yet. The twists are there for future stories and their present drama is worth the pick up.

•The Invincible Iron Man 3 – It is good to see some one out invent Tony Stark. I mean I really hate it when the smart characters like him and Reed Richards can invent their way out of crap. This time his enemy has gotten so over on him that he nearly lost a loved one. I would of preferred some death but I take what misery I can get.

•Nova 15 – That nasty new villain Harrow has the balls to live in Galactus ship. WOW! That is ballsy. Well anyways Nova escaped being eaten along with the planet and totally lets the big G now he has an unwanted tenant. He also screws up with worldmind. I love this book.

•Powers 29 – Finally this damn story arc that has lasted what feels like 50 years is making sense. That is really all I can say. This book hasn’t had a jumping on point in a damn long time. Long time.

•Secret Invasion 4 – This book is great but I cannot take the last page and wait another damn month. Bring on the Marvel Big 3. Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. Speaking of which I must say do you guys thing the old Cap would have been good for this invasion? He didn’t like to kill. Seeing Black Widow dealing with the… well anyone that would freak old Cap. Let me know.

•Young X-Men 4 – I don’t know what the hell is going on. This book needs some serious explanation. I would say it does show promise. I give that promise a few more issues before it is dropped.

•Devi/Witchblade 1 – Technically this is the second part to Witchblade/Devi. Anyways it was ok. The first book was better and it did its job. I am somewhat curious about Virgin Comics Devi character.