Woodland Creatures - Fantasy Fiction Comic Interview with Cristina Roswell and Allan Macleod

Pete talks with Woodland Creatures author Cristina Roswell, and co-editor Allan Macleod about the book and their second Kickstarter, live right now! Woodland Creatures features a fresh new spin on lycanthropy that we think you'll enjoy.

Woodland Creatures stars Callie, a killer who's mind-linked to a wolf, and Christopher, a PTSD-suffering soldier. Following the animal nature of their wolf companions known as Amaroq, they want nothing more than to live in peace in the full embrace of the wilderness, but a power-hungry U.S Colonel has other plans to weaponize their kind!

Kickstarter perks are pretty sweet, as you can pick up pdf and printed copies of both Volume 1 and Volume 2, in English and Spanish, as well as awesome art prints from artist Tomás Aira and other guest artists, including Cristina herself!

With a production company currently interested in the story, it might be a good idea to snatch up some goodies before they make it big!