The NJ Horror Convention and Film Festival - Spring 2020!

It’s back! The New Jersey Horror Convention and Film Festival returns to Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City on March 27th, 28th, and 29th. Running usually twice a year, the NJ Horror Con is a gathering of horror professionals, including artists, actors, filmmakers, merchandise dealers, and horror fans-a-plenty! I attended Horror Con for the first time back in October, and it was a fun, and friendly networking and horror celebratory event.


I stayed at the Showboat where the convention was held and had a blast! I enjoyed the presence of all the B-movie, and not so B-movie celebrities (photo-ops available), movie props, the film festival, contests, trivia, special panels, and lots of cool horror merchandise. Merchandise including spooky themed coffee and tea, which was the best I had purchased in a long time, to be honest.

The delicious caffeine helped me stay awake to enjoy the weekend in its entirety.  Sleep? Sleep is for the dead. Well, except maybe not at NJ Horror Con where the dead roam the halls of the Showboat after hours, the boardwalk, gamble, go for drinks, play games, and attend after-parties like Scareoke on Saturday Night. Last year's Scareoke Karaoke was hosted by the legendary Michael Winslow, who provided backup vocals and effects for all the participants. Except me, of course, because he called it a night RIGHT before my song. Bummer!

If you are me, you will go ghost hunting after hours. While the Showboat isn't that old, something about hotels makes for a good location. I brought my ghost hunting equipment with the intention of roaming the 13th floor with my EMF reader looking for paranormal activity. However, like most hotels, the Showboat has no 13th floor. I opted for the 14th floor, which is technically 13, right?? Unfortunately, security turned me away when I stepped out of the elevator bay, as the WWE’s Bautista was filming a movie or the like. Oh well, I will try again this year.

If you are a horror fan, I recommend you come and stay the weekend for the film festival alone. Sponsored by Wild Eye Releasing, Weber Pictures Company and D.I.Why? Films, the film festival is three days of scary, spooky, gory and comedic film fun. Mayyyybe even for the whole family, if you’ve got a kooky family, that is. There also are awards issued to films in different categories, which is pretty cool. Check out the film schedule below.


More information about the convention, guests and happenings can be found at NEWJERSEYHORRORCON.COM

I will be there making scary friends, hunting ghosts, and filming for Pete's Basement. You can find me mostly at the Psychothematic Media booth. Stop by and say hello!

aka Penelope "Penny" Dreadful Grey