Pete's Basement Season 12, Episode 37 -11.20.19

It's a wild time in the olde Basement tonight! All sorts of different whiskey is flowing! Guests are tagging in left and right! It's pure nerdism! Pure hilarity! And pure, uncut Basement zaniness! That's right - you're in for a raw, uncut episode of Pete's Basement! Imperial World Wrestling co-owner Tommy "Special_T" Frazier is here! IWW star Logan Black is here! Rocket scientist ninja Chris Craddock is here! Red, Ramon, Cheeze, and Pete! They're talking Disney +, The Mandalorian, The Batman, Spider-Verse, Titans, The Witcher, Green Lantern, Hell, even Friends! Do not miss a moment of madness! Hit the play button right now! The first part of the show, dedicated to Imperial World Wrestling newest upcoming event entitled Cheat Code, on November 30th, guest-starring Tommy "Special-T" Frazier and Logan Black, can be found separately, RIGHT HERE!

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