Pete's Basement Season 12, Episode 31 - 9.17.19

Steve from The Saturday Morning Superman Show drops by the roundtable this week, bringing with him an in-depth discussion of all things Man of Steel. Namely, Henry Cavill's Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman, and what went wrong with the DCEU. Especially when it seemed they had the blueprints already laid out for them, in the form of Superman: The Animated Series! The boys weigh in on the Superman Batman Animated Movie World's Finest, as well as Super Friends, the Fleischer series from the 1940s, and more! Superman's been in quite a lot of cartoons! The fellas also touch on Godzilla, Universal Monsters like the Mummy, and more! You don't wanna' miss this! So grab your cape outta' the closet and hit the play button!

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