Pete's Basement Season 12, Episode 30 - 9.11.19

Special guest star cosplayer David "Cap" Santiago joins the Basement Crew. The ins and outs of cosplay conversation include making your own costumes, taking commissions, and staying calm and freestyling fixes during horrifying technical difficulties! Check out some of Cap's awesome cosplays like Nova, Hawkman, and Shirtless Bear Fighter! As if that wasn't cool enough, what really brings Cap to the roundtable this week is the world premiere reveal of the cover to his cosplay calendar, currently up on Kickstarter! The boys also have a pair of milestone reviews, in the pages of Marvel Comics 1000 and Spawn 300! Finally - is Sony lying about closing the door on Spidey? The PB Crew has some info to share from interwebs insider, Mikey Sutton. You don't wanna' miss a moment! Hit the play button!

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