Pete's Basement Season 11, Episode 23 - 7.18.18

Pete and Greg return to the roundtable for a rousing rumpus of risible reviews! Picking up where the last Basement episode left off, Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia issue 2 and a selection of titles from Bad Halo Comix are first on the list. Then it's time to see what Pete thought of the first non-Dan Slott issue of Amazing Spider-Man in over 10 years! Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley make their debut. Greg talks Ta-Nehisi Coates on Captain America, and one of his new favorites, the creeptastic Bedtime Games from Dark Horse, that we finally get to review! Cullen Bunn takes us down his Shadow Roads, and Rob Guillory takes all of his experience from Chew and brings it to Farmhand, a story you seriously have to see to believe! You don't wanna' miss this epic Basement episode! Stop reading already and hit the play button!

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