Pete's Basement Season 10, Episode 43 - 12.13.17

Pete and Ramon are back again for the year-end Basement Bonanza! Pete's all Santa'd out just in time to review Grant Morrison's Klaus. Pete's surprised to find he enjoyed Venom Inc.! It's a Christmas miracle! Image's Sleepless was a real eye-opener!...Wow that was bad wasn't it? Ok, suffice to say it was a good book. The boys take a lighthearted turn this week as they review a children's book, Narah and The Unicorn, a heartwarming story of mythical creatures and friendship. Plus the CW's midseason finales, the premiere of Agents of SHIELD, Happy on SyFy, Tarantino on Trek, and loads more! What are you still doing reading this?? Hit the play button!

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