Pete's Basement Season 10, Episode 30 - 8.15.17

Pete's buddy Rocco joins the roundtable for the very first time! It's a special Questions & Answers episode this week, as the boys tackle such riveting topics as DC's Dark Nights: The Metal, Doomsday Clock, the tastiest fictional food items, favorite Mel Brooks movies, and lots lots more! We've got a n Atomic Blonde review, and Rocco talks about his YouTube series Nightwing: Escalation, and what got him into cosplaying Deadshot. Pete throws a few zingers his way, making sure to get Roc's opinion on both the heated Deadshot or Deathstroke debate, and of course, Who Would Win In A Fight?: Deadshot? Or Bullseye? What're you waiting for? Its a double-sized episode of awesome! Hit the play button already!

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