Pete's Basement Season 9, Episode 36 - 11.16.16

The Pete's Basement Show is BACK! Bigger, badder, and drunker than ever! Catch up with Pete and the rest of the Basement Crew as they go over what books have kept them entertained over the course of the last month. Eric Powell's Hillbilly is at the top of Pete's "You Need To Read This" List. Punisher is as Max as Marvel can get! DC Rebirth's Green Arrow, Flash, and Wonder Woman are pretty popular with Rich and Trish, while Greg has chosen to backtrack through the pages of some Marvel team graphic novels. Batman meets the Ninja Turtles (again, for the very first time!) Also, $1500 variant covers, what comic would you most like to get signed, Flash, Supergirl, Ghost Rider! All this and lots, LOTS more on the return episode of Pete's Basement!

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