Pete's Basement Season 9, Episode 13 - 4.19.16

It's a double-sized Pete's Basement episode as the boys have three -- count 'em - THREE weeks worth of books to cover! Joining the likes of Black Panther, Grizzly Shark, and Hot Damn are The Three Stooges, Teddy Roosevelt in The Rough Riders, and a heart transplant gone slightly awry in Heartthrob! The boys talk The Walking Dead and the consequences attached to an ending like that! We've got Beau Smith's Wynonna Earp and a major character death on Arrow! Not to mention three weeks worth of rumors to discuss, like who might be joining The Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, what's in store for the MCU Phase 4 and beyond, and -- and -- and just hit the play button already!

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