Pete's Basement Season 9, Episode 11 - 3.29.16

Tony Wolf joins the roundtable this week for a pre-Batman v Superman discussion, and he brings with him his newest autobiographical comic, 1-800-DEAD-ROBIN, which tells the tale of a young comic fan in the late 80s who set out to kill a teenage boy. We're speaking of course, about Jason Todd, and DC's call-in vote to save the life of the second Boy Wonder, after a brutal beating at the hands of the Joker! Would Batman get there in time? That was up to you, and your 50c per call! We've got plenty more comics, including IDW's Deviations and Dark Horse's The Shadow Glass, to name just a couple, as well as a brand new contest, all as we gear up for the 400th Episode Extravaganza! Hit the play button now for details on how you can help be a part of it all!

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