Pete's Basement Season 9, Episode 8 - 3.7.16

Pastry aficionado Hannah from 8-Bit Bakery joins the roundtable this week, and she's brought plenty of goodies for The Basement Crew! From a giant cookie emblazoned with the Pete's Basement logo itself -- getting attacked by Space Invaders! to smaller specialized cookie boxes each with delicious treats made according to their own unique video game theme! Pete puts the whiskey to the side and breaks out the milk for this one! Once they've eaten their fill....they eat some more! C'mon, act like you know these guys! Amidst stuffing their faces full of cookies and marshmallow fudge treats, the boys rave about Daredevil vs. The Punisher, a digital comic definitely worth a download. Oni's Another Castle may sound like a Mario Bros. joke, but there's nothing funny about how much everyone loved this book! You'll want to check out what the PB Crew has to say about it, and all the other books on this week's list, including the conclusion of Joe Golem and Seduction of the Innocent! All that, and oh yea, a whole new contest starts up too! Go on, hit the play button!

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