Pete's Basement Launches on Patreon!

Check out our sweet Hall of Patrons! Launched just in time to immortalize our very first patron: Keelan! Not only does he get the top spot on this sweet 8-bit page, but he gets to be a card-carrying member of the Pete's Basement fan club-- Access to a monthly google hangout with Pete and Ramon-- original sketch by Roger AND lots more rewards! All of this in addition to knowing he's helping his favorite comic book podcast to stay on the air.

"What is this all about and how can I get these sweet rewards", you ask? is a widely used and trusted platform to pledge continued monetary support to artists and creators. However much you choose and can afford. From a dollar a month, up to billions of dollars in gold bullion.

Aside from our undying gratitude when you become a Pete's Basement patron, you’ll get exclusive rewards like membership to the official Pete’s Basement fan club, exclusive merchandise only available to patrons, exclusive hangouts with THE Pete and Basement crew!

The rewards just keep getting more exclusive as your patronage grows. For instance, at the two million dollar a month level, you get to MARRY PETE! Don’t like him that much? No problem, you get to marry him to a third party of your choosing! Wait-- oh no? What? We’re not doing the ‘Marry Pete’ thing. Sorry. I guess not that one. But lots of other very exclusive perks come with your patronage.

In the meantime, please join us in thanking Keelan for being a true patron of our comic community. You can join Keelan in the Hall of Patrons by joining in on the action and claiming your rewards as a Pete's Basement patron!



What is Patreon anyway? Funny you should ask! Watch this video: