Pete's Basement Season 8, Episode 40 - 11.17.15

It's another mega-sized episode of Pete's Basement as the boys celebrate their 10,000th Instagram follower! Join them in the celebration as it happens! This roundtable's got it all! Politics! Religion! Hot blondes! Biblical icons in The Goddamned, pyromania in Slash & Burn, immigration in Superman: American Alien and Last Sons of America, and the science of cloning in Wolverine! Not to mention voodoo and fish people in Limbo, and mass murder in Carnage! Also, which gorgeous actress should play The Enchantress in Thor: Ragnarok, and what's up with your favorite comic book tv shows? Oh yea, and did we mention Pete gets drunk celebrating the Instagram thing? Cause he does. Yup. Its one of those episodes. So what're you waiting for!?! Hit the download button and start watching!

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