Horror Comic Hack/Slash TV Show in Development

Dust off the barbed wire baseball bat, and huddle in front of the TV for the new Hack / Slash series coming to the small screen near you thanks to Relativity Television. How exciting! If there is any comic that would translate into a great show, its Hack / Slash.

Hack / Slash is published under Image Comics (but originally under Devils Due) and was created by Tim Seeley & Stefano Caselli. The book follows Cassie Hack and her odd, butcher knife wielding companion Vlad as they travel around offing serial killers, slashers and monsters.

There has long been talk of the coming coming to the big screen, but now a show is becoming a reality, which is better fitting. Each episode would be dealing with some spooky stuff in her travels. Very A-Team meets Supernatural meets Friday the 13th.

Not sure how closely the show will follow her origin, but in the comic, Cassie has come into this life after having a classic horror movie experience when she was a teenager. As a nerdy, awkward teenage girl in High School, Cassie was pushed around by other students. Cassies mother, the Lunch Lady, was actually a serial killer who went around and murdered all the poor jerks who had the nerve to tease her daughter. Even when killed, the Lunch Lady came back as the undead, and Cassie had to put her own Mom down with a few bullets to the face.

Deciding that was a whole lot of crazy crap that no one should have to deal with, she started traveling the land on a mission to take out these psychos and other things that go bump in the night as the somewhat stereotypical female survivor in a horror movie. Shes one hard to kill chick.

Skip Woods (Swordfish, A Good Day to Die Hard, Hitman) is writing the script. Woods will executive produce with Daniel Alter and Geoffrey Yim. Ray Ricord and Adrian Askarieh (who first optioned the comic back in 2005) will produce with the goal of making it a "dark and gritty show in The Walking Dead mold". A relief to any fans of the comic who need to see their blood, guts and gore.

No date for when it will be released, but Pete's Basement will keep ya updated! Would you watch a Hack / Slash TV show? Who would you cast as Cassie?




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