Bob's Books 6/19/08

This was a decent week. One book irked me with it’s schedule and another wowed me. Spoilers to come.

•Rasl 2 – If it wasn’t for the fact that this book comes out 4 times a year it would rock. The problem is that the story is revolving around the mystery of rasl. How am I going to get into a book that comes out every 3 months? It seems like it could be a good book. Hell it is, but you have to be patient.

•Batman and the Outsiders 8 – I like this book. Superheroes being ballsy! I am a bit worried about the effects R.I.P. will have on this series. Batgirl so rocks in this series though. The whole cast does.

•Birds of Prey 119 – I am waiting for some kind of pay off. I like the growth of misfit and the rest of oracle’s crew but what for? What is everything leading to? I miss Gail Simone on this book.

•Justice League of America 22 – Some one took over the robot! Woo Hoo! No seriously, this is the best you can do in the middle of an event? It does seem like some things are going to be resolved. Namely Vixen’s powers and Red Arrow boinking Hawkgirl. Yeah, I said boinking!

•Superman/Batman 49 – I will skip to the end on this one. I mean I knew full well that Batman would keep kryptonite but damn. Get this book just to see how much he has kept.

•Teen Titans: Year One 5 – I should of waited for the trade. Turns out speedy (Red Arrow) went out with Donna Troy. He totally ruined the date. That’s it. The whole issue is there.

•Trinity 3 – this book is going to be one big tease. It already is. Waiting for the next thing next week just so that it could be a cliffhanger. Freaking DC.

•First Born: Aftermath – I was surprised when this came out. I mean the First Born event was several months ago. This book basically gives a little more detail to the Top Cow cast involved.

•Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures 12 – Finally! It’s over.

•Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – I love this book and that is saying a lot. I mean they brought in Vance Astrovik from GOD knows where. Or when. It is a fun read and the art is on point. The cast is hilarious and there are hints to future issues already in play.

•the Incredible Hercules 118 – Nightmare. This issue has Nightmare and it works. Now here are the interesting points. Herc gets laid and Skrull pup! Can anything beat that?

•Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four 2 – I like the book but what was that with Human Torch. He sweet talks Lyja down. Come on.

•Ultimate Fantastic Four 55 – This book could be great. I mean I love the fact that sue and reed are apart and she is heading down the hoochie highway. The Salem Seven is actually interesting. This is what makes the Ultimate Universe is all about. The same, just different.

•Ultimate X-Men 95 – Alright! Cyclops is all doped up. And the fight is on between Alpha Flight and this cast of X-Men. The best book I picked up this week.

•Wolverine 66 – I love the art of Steve McNiven. The story is good too. I would like some more detail on how this happened. The world is crap. America’s divided into sections by villains. I want a history lesson.

•X-Factor 32 – This is a good book. Not a great one. The potential is there though. Something is coming down the pipeline and this book is going to rock.