Pete's Basement Season 7, Episode 39 - 12.16.14

Cheezeburger returns to the table for a hilarious for a hilarious round of review with Pete and Ramon. The boys are very excited this week, making an appearance in the new issue of Thomas Alsop by writer Chris Miskiewicz and artist Palle Schmidt. The Basement Crew star in several panels, kicking the shit out of Alsop and tossing him off a boat! Check out those panels rioght here in this episode, as well as plenty of other new books debuting this week. Elder gods and brilliant inventors are the talk of the table as HP Lovecraft teams up with Nikola Tesla! Time is all messed up in Epochalypse, and the boys will tell you all about that, if and when Pete can actually say the word. Spider-Verse takes a dark turn, Squirrels go to war, and demon queens walk the Earth! Bout time to click that download button...

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