Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Confirms Black Adam Role

FINALLY, The Rock has come into the Shazam movie role he has been teasing for years. Dwayne Johnson had been attached to the Shazam film, as well as a Lobo movie for quite some time after the rumors that Warner Bros. were going to give him a role in their growing cinematic universe.

After much fan speculation as to WHO he would be playing in the film of either Shazam or Black Adam, Dwyane Johnson put it all to rest with a tweet  earlier today.

In Variety's confirmation, they mention Darren Lemke will be scripting the movie, and that you can expect to see Black Adam in more of an anti-hero role as he seeks to clear his name from some bad juju.


The Rock Says...


Adam derives his powers from the same source as Shazam, but unlike Billy Baxter, is a dickhead. Keeping with true dickhead nature, he is a politician. Adam is the ruller of a small, Middle Eastern nation called Khandaq, which has been referenced in the Arrow TV show, and will appear in future issues of the Arrow Season 2 comic book series. You'll also get some wind of it in The Flash show on The CW as DC starts introducing more of their universe to fans.

I'm pretty happy with this. I love The Rock, but I really didn't want to see him as Shazam. He really doesn't need the role, and I think that would have been... boring. I'm cool with him as Black Adam. Now, the question is, who will be on the light side of the force as Shazam? My vote is for someone relatively unknown. I think it is about time we have a fresh face to make something out of.

Warner Bros. have yet to officially confirm production start dates, but it is widely speculated that we can expect it to get a 2016 or 2017 release.



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