DIY Dancing Baby Groot Flower Pot

Is your green thumb non-existent? Could you kill a cactus? Then this solar powered Groot is for you. Patrick Delahanty got one step ahead of Disney and made this fun toy that they totally slept on.

To make this dancing Groot, use one of them solar powered dancing flowers that are easily found in discount shops, rip off the daisy, and model yourself a Groot. Patrick used the "Movin' and Groovin' Flower" (pictured left), then sculpted felt and twine for the body. Groot's head is modeled out of clay by his fiance.

Get creative and try brown paper bag, twine, felt, clay, pipe cleaners or whatever gets you the best results. If you are really creatively challenged, paste a Groot face over one of those extra cheap solar powered daisies (pictured right) and call it a day.


When your Groot is up and running, put on Peter Quill's Awesome Mix Volume 1 and get ya groove on.

What other characters could easily be made to stick on this thing?




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