Tim Miller's Deadpool Test Footage Reaction

After this year's San Diego Comic Con, two of the six minute concept CGI test footage of Tim Miller's Deadpool from 2012 was leaked. Considering it came around Comic Con, it leads one to believe that Fox Studios is cruising for some fan reactions. So far, the reactions from the Ryan Reynold's voiced Deadpool footage is positive as blown-away fans shout from the rooftop how it is Deadpool done right. The footage is comedic, but violent and full of pop-culture goodness, but will Fox really go there?

Since Fox is pulling down the footage left and right, and you know, legal reasons... it will not be posted here. BUT, you can do a quick YouTube Search by clicking the image below. I'm sure you'll find one!

If Fox was to go this route, the movie would clearly get an R rating, which is good! Is it strange for a comic book movie to get an R rating? Not at all. All three of The Punisher movies that have come out since 1989 have donned an R rating. As they should! I mean, it's Frank Castle of all people. You can also find a list of 12 R rated comic book movies here, including Blade and Kick-Ass thanks to IGN.

20th Century Fox has many PG-13 movies under it's belt, as well as R rated ones such as Hitman, Machete, Predator, Aliens, and of course Die Hard with my man Bruce Willis! Deadpool could totally be Die Hard meets Looney Tunes. There needs to be an Adventures of John McClain comic book, by the way. Someone make this happen.

Sometimes it seems that many movie productions get caught up in the family summer blockbuster comic book movie idea because there is big bucks in it. But let's not forget that there is a large R rated action blockbuster audience too, and Wade Wilson is the loveable weirdo that is sure to please them.

I understand movie dudes, I really do. Deadpool is so whacky and amusing that it is SO tempting to try to make him for PG-13 audiences. He translates really well into a cartoon too, and I could see the dilemma in wanting to avoid having an adult movie out when there is the possibility of making a cartoon series for the young folk. Why not do both? Cartoons have been made for the kids with R rated movies like  The Toxic Avenger, Robocop, Police Academy, Rambo, and Highlander. I used to watch the Toxic Crusader. Weird stuff, man. Weird stuff.

Is it hard to take a not-that-serious character like Deadpool, serious? I am reminded of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World WHICH WAS AWESOME and hilarious. The movie was great, but it wasn't well received by audiences who were confused by the  video game-like universe that it was in. When it hit DVD, however, it became a big hit. Perhaps movies like Scott Pilgrim could pave the way for audiences being more open to watching a movie like Deadpool? Who wants to miss out on the next big thing, after all?

If this footage was indeed leaked to gauge reactions from the fan base, and positive reaction gets this movie pushed forward, will it stand alone, or would they still try to keep him in the X-Men universe? Considering the X-Men movies have continuity that is non-existent, I think they could completely get away with just pretending that Deadpool was never in X-Men Origins to begin with. Deadpool who?

Although the test footage was done in CGI, and I'm sure the actual movie will be filmed live action, I have no problem with a more realistic CGI flick in the very least. Which would you prefer?




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