Star Wars Battlefront 3 Better Not Be Bad

Following the super-popular Star Wars BattleFront franchise is the new BattleFront 3.  BattleFront is a game which puts the player directly into Star Wars warzones.  In the past two games, the player would choose either the Old Republic, and take control over Stormtroopers and Siths, or the Rebels, and take control over Rebels and Jedis.  The player is then thrust into chaotic battle at a location where a famous Star Wars battle took place, and challenged to capture enemy bases to achieve victory.

With the announcement at 2014 E3 that a new BattleFront was being released, fans were overjoyed, but not letting their guards down.  Initial thrill was followed by a seething disappointment as fans witnessed the “trailer” released by developer DICE.

What seems to be not as much a trailer as a glorified seek of approval, DICE showed scenes depicting all the effort their staff went through to be as faithful to the Star Wars movies as possible.  While this will most definitely be appreciated, it also wouldn’t hurt for DICE to release some actual game footage.  Their lack of doing so leads one to believe more of the superficial elements like graphics and complexity will trump the actual gameplay in BattleFront 3.  All fans saw were shots of DICE’s staff working on the game, traveling to on-set movie locations to become one with Hoth and Endor, and pre-rendered graphics that certainly won’t be as crisp in actual gameplay.

In addition, BattleFront 3 is being published by EA, who is famous for bombarding gamers with pay-to-download-content, or DLC for short.  Imagine the disappointment if Darth-Vader is available on DLC only.

DICE and EA are trying to hype an already hype game.  The trailer was a tease for something that has been teasing gamers for years.  BattleFront 2 was for the original Xbox, and had no online capabilities.  BattleFront 3 is skipping a generation and being released at the Mecca of online capabilities -- on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.  Imagine huge battles with your friends and foes in the Star Wars universe -- it’s something fans have been dreaming of for years.  EA, DICE, don’t play with us.




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