First Look Matt Ryan's Constantine for NBC Pilot

Next week, NBC starts shooting the pilot for Constantine which will be released sometime in 2014 or 2015. In the meantime, Welsh actor Matt Ryan has been cast as John Constantine, and a peak at his look has been released.

Will Constantine smoke on screen? There sure is a lot of smoke in this picture, but David S. Goyer admits to having to go through negotiations for John's smoking habit.

Constantine is going to be an FX heavy show, and David S. Goyer says that we can expect other characters from the DC universe to debut. Mainly characters that he associates with such as Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, Swamp Thing and demonic enemies Nergal and Rosacarnis. Papa Midnite? Most likely!

He does look like he currently does in the comic books. Although, I do hope for the show, his clothing has a little more experience to them. That coat looks like a cheap, off-the-rack cosplay costume right now. 

In my perfect world, Constantine would have stayed Hellblazer on Vertigo and not moved to dealing with superheroes and DC characters. We would have a gritty show with profanity on a different network, and not what I can only imagine is a watered down version of what his book has always been known as on NBC.

Am I going to watch it? Yes. Am I going to enjoy it? Yes, because I like magic, voodoo and the occult. Will I complain about why things have to be this way? HELL YEAH. Hey, at least I'm honest.


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