Son of Batman - DC Animated Feature Trailer


Based on the 2006 Grant Morrison story arc (issues Batman #655-658 and #663-666), Son of Batman introduces Damian to the animated world as the bratty, disobedient kid whos existence Bruce Wayne has just learned of.

With her Father Ras Al Ghul dead by Deathstroke's hand, Talia fears for her, and her son Damian's life.

While he as born and raised by a deadly, terrorist assassin group, and could mess almost anyone up 10 ways till Tuesday, Talia feels that Damian will be safer in Batman's hand, so leaves her son in his care.


WonderCon presents the world premiere of Son of Batman Easter weekend in Anaheim, California, with the movie set to release late this spring on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download.




Batman/Bruce Wayne - Jason O'Mara
Damian - Stuart Allan
Talia - Morena Baccarin
Ra's Al Ghul - Giancarlo Esposito
Alfred - David McCallum
Kirk Langstrom/Man-Bat - Xander Berkeley
Deathstroke - Thomas Gibson

Damian originally appeared as an unnamed infant in a then non-cannon 1987 story Batman: Son of the Demon. He appeared in various story lines and alternate universes until in 2006 when he became Damian Wayne in Batman #655 and was reintroduced into the main continuity.



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