X-Men Christmas Specials

As sit here with my minty hot cocoa in my awesome new TARDIS mug I got for Christmas, watching some animated Christmas stories, I can't help but get nostaligic. With a few comic books in my Christmas stocking as well, I got to thinking about X-Men Christmas specials. I was a big X-Men fan when I got into it in the 90's. It was the first comic series I started buying on my own, and the cartoon was one of the best things I remember about Saturday mornings.

There is a Christmas episode that stands out from the show named. "Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas" from Season 4. It's Jubilee's first Christmas as an X-Man and everyone is getting into the spirit. Everyone except Wolverine who according to Rogue, is being a grumpus. While Storm, Jubilee and a relectuant Wolverine are out Christmas shopping in NYC and ice skating at Rockafeller Center, some trouble with the Morlocks goes down.

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What I really enjoyed was X-Men Christmas special comic book issues every year. Although, every year I also wondered how the X-Men can celebrate Christmas and other holidays every year, but yet the characters themselves havent gotten much older since their conception.


Its Christmas Eve, and everyone is heading out for holiday plans. Kitty Pryde, however, is left alone in the Mansion. With no luck getting in touch with her parents, she wanders around the Mansion and even hits the danger room. This is when she runs into a N'Garai demon who is the sole survivor from a previous battle with the X-Men. Although she's intangible, she can still "feel" the attacks from the N'Garai demons claws, and finds herself in a battle for her life.

Kitty leads is around the Mansion and through the danger room hoping to slow it down a bit with some battle sequences. She manages to get to the Blackbird, which she just recently had some lessons on, and attempts to take off. She's going down a checklist of all the switches she has to flick for ignition, when in the nick of time, she ignites the engines, burning the demon to a crisp. Exiting the plane, she sees a burnt claw flying in her direction at the last minute...

The X-Men return to the mansion with after hearing from Police about a string of murders in the area. The mansion is dark and they search for Kitty. Luckily, she is cozy on the couch, safe. Turns out she defeated the N'Garai and it let out a weak, final attempt at its death. In other good news, the X-Men brought back Kitty's parents with them. Merry Christmas!



It's Christmas Eve in NYC. Gambit and Bishop decide they want to celebrate alone. Beast and Trish Tilby have a nice dinner together, while Rogue and Joseph seem to be on a little date around the city starting with a carriage ride.

Meanwhile, Cannonball Sam Guthrie does some Christmas shopping for his family while thinking about all the terrible things that have happened so far this year. Well, the year isnt over yet and Gladiator shows up in a toy store Sam is in, starts being an asshole and a battle ensues. .

There are two things that are memorable to me in this issue. One of them is a little Easter Egg while Sam is walking through the streets of New York City. Clear as day, there's our boy Frank Castle looking all bah humbug in the background. Although, that seems to be The Punishers default face, so I cant say it's lack of Christmas cheer.

I have quite a few X-Men comics where The Punisher can be seen in the background of a panel. This one is the most obvious, but it's always fun when I see things like this. I wonder if they still do this with Frank in new X-Men books?

The second thing I remember is a touching Christmas present to Rogue from Joseph. While on top of what I remember as the World Trade Center to enjoy the view, the two get to talking. Using his device he was working on, and maybe his own powers to keep Rogues abilities in check, Joseph gives her a simple kiss on the forehead. For a woman who at the time, rarely ever gets to have intimate or gentle skin to skin interaction with anyone, she was very moved by the sentiment.



These of course, aren't the only X-Men related Christmas issues out there. I recall there being much more that I enjoyed, but my memory doesn't serve me too well.

As far as cartoons, I remember there was an X-Men evolution holiday episode. For comics, there was the somewhat yearly Marvel Holiday Specials. There were also more comic books in the regular series that were released around the Holiday season.

I can't recall all of them, so if anyone has anymore to add to the list, please respond with your additions! So far I have these four books to add to the list.

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday. What is your favorite comic or superhero related Holiday special? And do you whip it out to read every year?





X-Factor Vol. 1 #27 - Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #365 - X-Men Vol. 2 #109 - X-Men Vol 2. #165

Generation-X Vol.1 #4 - Wolverine Vol. 3 #49

Penny B. Dreadful