Unique Handmade Gifts for Sci-Fi Geeks

I was browsing one of my favorite online craft shops, Etsy, for gifts I could possibly get some folks on my Christmas list this year. What really happened, was I found a whole bunch of stuff I liked for myself instead. Such is the way when browsing Etsy. Maybe the sci-fi nerd on your list would get all giddy over these one of a kind presents too.

First thing I hit up were the Doctor Who things. Of course there were dozens of things I could probably spend my money on, but this custom name pendant is pretty damn spiffy. Get your, or your dear geek's name in Gallifreyan, the language of the Time Lords. Best thing about it is not only is it timey wimey, but its unisex. Keychains are also available from the Old Timey Wimey Stuff shop.

This wire pendant stood out to me for its super uniqueness. This pendant is inspired by the Gallifreyan pocket watches seen carried by The Doctor and The Master. This could be a necklace, or a Christmas tree ornament with a little modifying. Another style, plus other sci-fi inspired jewelry available from Miriam Arcadia Dove

Etsy is full of Doctor Who related phone cases, hats, cufflinks, sonic screwdrivers, scarves, gloves, art prints and much too much to name. Search Doctor Who.

I recently sat down to watch the Firefly series (all one season of if *sad face*), and since I know a bunch of fans, I scoped out what they had. Unfortunately, it may be too late to order a custom Jane knit hat if you are expecting it before Christmas, but Etsy wasn't short of cute things.

This Serenity space ship ornament by Through Thick and Thin is a rare item to add to the tree this year, every year, and perhaps even hang around the house every day in between.

This colorful Serenity spaceship insignia pendant by 162PENS is also a cool unisex gift. I could see anyone rocking this with no issues.

If you know your homie isn't the necklace type, with a quick ribbon and a hook it could be turned into a tree or wall ornament as well. Check out more Firefly goodies.

If you want to spend all day on Etsy, search for Star Wars items. THERE ARE TONS. It was not short of one-of-a-kind items that would make all the Jedi's and Sith's on your list happy. Well, maybe Sith's, I suppose, since Jedi's aren't allowed to have material items. I say, be a Rebel.

A cellphone case is a fun, easy and inexpensive way to knock someone off of your list. And if they are a Star Wars fan, this Hans Solo in carbonite iPhone case by Haoyou Deign is sure to please.

This next one by BacktoZero is bound to give the post some business again. I want this. I want this and I will send mail to everyone with it. Email will be a thing of the past as I get my wax seal stamp on. It doesn't have to stop or begin there tho, I would gently press this into almost baked sugar cookies and see how that goes.

I cant say that I know much about Star Trek. There were lots of cool things the Trekkie on your list may like from pillows, ornaments, patches and stickers, but these jewelry pieces stuck out to me.

This LaForge visor ring by Euphoria Design is unisex, and comes in many sizes. If you are getting this as a gift and are trying to be smooth about it, a good estimate for ring size, is shoe size. At least for women. Its always worked for me! Since I know a woman's size 8 shoe is a 6 in men's, that may be a good estimate for picking out a ring for a male.

Euphoria Design also has a silver Superman Kingdom Come pendant which is pretty neat.

This simple 'Live Long and Prosper' bracelet by is Trekkie chic and a warm sentiment indeed. Chasing at Starlight also has other geek inspired things ranging from Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock and Harry Potter and more.

Decor is also a good present. For someone who doesn't have a lot of room, postcards do the trick. If you want to go all out, put them in a frame. AniMiles has several postcards from your favorite sci-fi shows. Only $2 each. Save 50% when you spend $6 or more. Good deal!

Speaking of space travel, maybe something a bit more general will do. I thought these space travel prints were really fun, and come in several sizes depending on what works for your price range. Posters range from Mars to Pluto, as well as mystical and fictional places (like Gallifrey). They also offer cool Nikola Tesla invention blueprints.

Indelible Ink Workshop also has these fun celestial travel stickers for suitcases which I thought was the bomb.

As you can tell, I'm pretty drawn towards wearables, but Etsy is full of things only limited by the imagination and I completely recommend you do a search to find some unique presents this holiday season! They have gifts of all ages from custom geeky onesies for the little ones, to naked pinups for the adults. Yup.

Search sci fi, scifi, sci-fi and science fiction to get maximum results.


Penny B. Dreadful