Google's Doctor Who 8-Bit Gaming Doodle

Google Whoodle

Google done went and decided it needed me to spend a lot of time on the computer today. When I'm not watching Doctor Who marathons or pointing my 10th sonic screwdriver at things, I'm going to be trying to beat my best score on THIS! Behold! An 8-bit Doctor Who game to celebrate the 50th Anniversary.

British designer Matthew Cruickshank and his team created today's Google Doodle, or Whoodle, as it's affectionately being called. It's also surprisingly pretty damned entertaining for such a simple thing. Those pesky Daleks have done it again, setting their sights on world domination by first taking out Google. Those evil, brilliant Daleks....

Choose your Doctor, any of the 11, and make your way through 6 different levels in time and space trying to save each letter of Google's logo. I had to go and choose 10th, of course. David Tennant *swoon*. Make your way through the path to snatch the letter, and hop back to the TARDIS without getting exterminated.

Oh well, damn. You got exterminated, didn't you? No biggie. You're the Doctor, you'll regenerate to the next incarnation. After 11, you'll go right back to the first. Being a Time-Lord sure has a lot of perks.




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